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The Designer

Anne Lukas, Designer

I grew up on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  A Nancy Drew fanatic as a teen, who always read the vintage books, I especially looked forward to the illustrations to see the outfits Nancy wore in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s versions. While at college, I fell in love with theater, intently studied costume history, and traveled to Europe for the first time. After college, I spent several years acting and directing theater, as well as doing character work for commercials and print.

In performance, I had learned how important it was to my confidence to wear comfortable, well-fitted and flattering clothing. That’s also when I learned how to analyze what looked good about a style.  I taught workshops in presentation and image for several years in northeast Ohio, helping women and men develop image and communication skills.

After embarking on other careers, I was able to return to this first fascination. I took several fashion and design classes at Ursuline College. I really wanted to be able to create looks that I knew would be more flattering than I the ones I could find in stores.  I knew I could create feminine, sultry and very comfortable outfits that worked best for the interesting women I know. I spent years re-learning how to sew and practicing new-to-me techniques in draping designs.

I learned about fabrics from personally visiting fabric sources in New York, Chicago, Paris and Tournai, Belgium. (Even returning from Belgium last September via a “motorcycle cab” when I returned to my hotel in Paris from the Gare du Nord.)  Much like an author who creates characters and lets them write the story, I finally understood how to allow intriguing fabrics tell me how they wanted to be draped on the human form. I also learned from boutique sellers and customers how to pay greater attention to fit and different figure requirements.  

My latest collection includes special-occasion wear that ranges from informal two-piece ensembles to formal clothing for special events of all types. I have adapted styles that I love from the past with looks that are trending today. I hope you will enjoy looking at the exciting fabrics that are evident throughout.  Now, of course, you can buy them on my online store at I hope you love them as much as I do.

Please enjoy the Anne of Coventry Collection!